• Author: Anna Two men in order to compete with a married woman and jealousy, grudges deeper and deeper,nike tn, until in the "girlfriend" home corridor meet again,, one of the men used a folding knife disfigured rival. Yesterday,33bbANpoQ9, reporters from the new City Public Security Bureau police learned of Genghis Khan Avenue, Song Moumou suspects under criminal detention by the police. At 12:16 on October 19,woolrich parka donna, Genghis Khan Street police station received a report that a residential unit in the corridor, two men armed with a knife fighting, was injured. Police station after the alarm in just five minutes they arrived at the scene,chaussures nike tn, but this time,moncler uomo outlet,VPmdNDksuJ, the two men were fighting had left,abercrombie soldes, leaving only a large share of blood within the corridor. According to the police who described his home heard the sound of fighting in the corridor, down the door looking out, I saw a face bloody, almost impossible to distinguish facial features of the man stumbled and ran upstairs,hogan 2014, while the other were in the hands of knife-wielding man hurriedly ran out of the corridor. Then according to blood within the corridor,EJXXE0zBCN, police found the insider Chan this vicious incident. After inquiries that face injured man was a former boyfriend of Ms. Chen Song Moumou, but it is its friends stabbed Moumou. That afternoon, Song Moumou and Moumou have come to Chan,90K7TwKC37,giubbotto woolrich donna, the two met in the corridor brawl occurred. Song Moumou has been to the hospital for treatment. Considering the suspect Moumou most likely will return to find Chan,piumini moncler sito ufficiale,ibsqWFP31s, near the district police secretly dispatched one hand, on the other hand rushed to the hospital for further information. In the emergency room, medical staff after examination and diagnosis, Song Moumou injured face was stabbed six knives,MX2Ofmiuds, almost every knife about 10 centimeters in length. Even after timely rescue,KIyWF1saH8,woolrich outlet italia, Song Moumou out of danger, but has been disfigured. 15:30 Xu,air max, dispatched in the incident near the district police identified under witnesses, the suspect Moumou successfully captured. According Moumou account, he had an affair with the married woman Chan,peuterey donna, after learning that a former boyfriend Chan Chan regular contact with the heart jealousy,doudoune moncler, for two fights occurred on several occasions, grudges deeper . At noon the day of the incident, in the area that go to Chan Song Moumou live Moumou immediately Chuaizhuo a folding knife to Chan home to catch. Unexpectedly, when Moumou Song Moumou just entering the corridor mouth was hit with an iron bar putting a stick. Then, using a folding knife toward Song Moumou Moumou face stabbed until Song Moumou fled upstairs before fleeing the scene. The case is under investigation. (Source: Hohhot Evening News)